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416 weeks ago

Rules for Abyssea are as follows:
1). You are required to pick 2 jobs you wish to "gear" with the LS, however that may not be the jobs you will play for the LS.

2). Each person will be allowed to obtain 1 (ONE) +2 item per slot ubtill everyone receives one for that slot.

3). All seals/gear not lotted by a #1 or 2 job will be FREE LOT if you can USE.

4). Once a person obtains a +2 item FROM the LS that person will finish his/her +2 before we go to next person

5). Once an item is open to lotting only lott the top item, winner of that item will lott the remaining items, this is to prevent an issue with more then one person starting a +2 at the same time.

6). Dont get ass bent if you lose a lot, were here helping everyone, with time, you will get yours before we leave that zone.

7). ANY and ALL events outside of scheduled LS time are not subject to LS rules, and LS will not mediate any ordeals in them outside events.

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Keep in mind, if your not there to help others, others wont be there to help you.
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