Moonglow Admin replied

415 weeks ago

Soldiers will be making Empy Weapons for members.
The weapon must be usable by one of your 2 jobs.
We will work on weapons in stages, not all at once, I.E: Saturday and Sunday we will do a zone that people need for thier Empy Weapon, then next Sat/Sun will be that same zone till that stage is complete.
I would like people to post a reply to this if you are interested in obtaining an Empy weapon.
Rules to obtain:
1). NM/VNMs must be complete. -This shows comitment on your behalf.

2). Be there helping build weapons even if they are not yours,why should people help you, if you wont help them? -Attendance will be a BIG factor in deciding who gets thiers next.

3). 50 items are needed per stage, be patient!

4). Your +2 gear should reflect the job you want your Emp weapon for, no point in having a +2'ed job and then an Emp weapon on a job with no gear.

Keep in mind if your not there to help others, others wont be there to help you.

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Keep in mind, if your not there to help others, others wont be there to help you.

Halfanegg replied

415 weeks ago

Almace or Ochain - Ochain being the hardest to obtain in my opinion and requires stage 3 to be any good.

Ochain: 50 Iron Plates, 75 Colourless Souls (T3 VNM), 75 Azdaja's Horns.
Result: 90-95% Block Rate Inc. NMs, 25% Damage taken to MP.

Plates are simple, 2 pop items 3k each. Souls NMs are very easy but it's luck based getting the upgrades. Azdaja can be killed with MNK WHM BLM.

Almace: 50 B.Helms, 50 Sobek Skins.

Will be available Saturdays and Sundays to help out.

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greatone replied

415 weeks ago

I'm interested in a masamune

Kohanu replied

415 weeks ago

Interested in a sword.

Capps replied

415 weeks ago

Great Sword

Kima Member replied

415 weeks ago

H2H -trail 1139 Chloris Buds
current count 1/50

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Surata replied

415 weeks ago

Masamune Masamune Masamune all the way

Knottsmustang Member replied

415 weeks ago

I would like to make the twashtar

Lyndalou Member replied

415 weeks ago

Great Axe ^^

Heavyarms Member replied

415 weeks ago

Kannagi already started collecting helms and skins
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