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A gorgeous prostitute has a disagreement with her pimp. She kills him, she ends up shot in the abdomen and dies later. The cops and CSI personnel arrive. The main cop Richard pulls an entire gun out of her wound! Then we meet Yann. He&#39;s a city planner who has sold his soul to the overly evil mayor. Now they want to build some constructions on a site that&#39;s not suited but Yann agrees nevertheless. He knows how it works. He gets paid to do the opposite of what he should do.<br/><br/>A new project is in the works and Yann is to meet the corrupt construction boss, Pontamousseau, to hand him over the approved paperwork. When one of his henchmen reads the papers he gets Pontamousseau who screams at Yann and beats him up. There&#39;s a line written in the papers calling Pontamousseau out. Yann is confused, that&#39;s not his writing. He then hears a voice telling him to open his suitcase. There&#39;s a gun inside. The gun attaches itself to Yann&#39;s hand and he starts shooting. Or rather it starts shooting. The gun is in control and wipes out Pontamousseau&#39;s entire army. All the while it&#39;s giving Yann instructions on what to do to survive the hail of bullets.<br/><br/>Yann then runs into the cop who tells him, together with the gun, what is going on. The dead prostitute is somehow embodied in the gun and we learn how that happened. The cop has terminal lung cancer and wants to rid the city of the corrupt mafia running it. And that&#39;s the plan then, to surprise the city rulers during one of their sick gatherings and wipe everyone out.<br/><br/>Caliber 9 is an entertaining action flick with a very original idea and plenty of violence. IMDb says this movie should be 90 minutes but so far I&#39;ve only found an 80 minute &quot;uncut&quot; version. Not sure if there even is a 90 minute version out there but it wouldn&#39;t surprise me, after all who makes 80 minute movies? And since this is European, I wouldn&#39;t be surprised if someone cut out 10 minutes of violence, nudity and sex–which are rather lacking for a French flick.<br/><br/>Nathalie Hauwelle is a beautiful girl, too bad she&#39;s only in the intro and for the rest of the movie it&#39;s only her voice. I enjoyed how vigorously the movie criticizes corruption and it does so with a good understanding of how corruption works in cities. Calibre 9 is highly recommended for combining violence with ideas and…ethics.
The movie needs about 20-30 minutes to really get going. From that point on you get served some nicely timed action (for a movie with a very low budget that is). If you can endure those straining and somewhat draining first minutes without much going on, you might be able to enjoy the rest. Acting wise there is nothing much to gain from this, but the CGI are not that bad (obvious, but decent).<br/><br/>The story is completely crazy (so to speak), which involves an unusual hand gun. I don&#39;t know how else to put it, without spoiling too much. There is no shortage of (CGI) blood here, so you shouldn&#39;t be too sensible on that regard. There is not much plot and you can see where this is going yourself. If you can enjoy the effects and the action, you might have a good time

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